• Batch to batch quality
  • On-site technical staff to meet your elastomer formulation needs
  • 30 years rubber formulation and field experience
  • Large in-house rubber inventory to help expedite manufacturing lead times
  • Expert rubber to metal bonding knowledge
  • Great relationships formed with major custom mixed rubber suppliers, excellent source for further technical assistance

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IMR has a broad range of material experience. Molders of:

 Rubber Materials


ASTM TermChemical NameCommon Name
NBRacrylonitrile butadienenitrile
VMQ, PMQ, or PVMQsiliconesilicone
SBRstyrene butadieneSBR or buna-S
CSMchlorosulfonated polyethyleneHypalon™
EPethylene propyleneEP or EPDM
FKMfluoroelastomerViton™ or Fluorel™
HNBR / HSNhighly saturated nitrilesaturated nitrile
NR or IRpolyisoprenenatural rubber or synthetic natural
IIR / XIIRbutylbutyl
AU / EU:urethaneurethane
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