Who We Are

We are rubber experts providing custom rubber product solutions.

The solutions we provide are inside the heavy equipment that paves America’s roads, in casinos from Las Vegas to Atlantic City, control water flow in pipelines from Northern Canada to South America, and aid with packaging products that find their way into homes around the world. These applications and countless more rely on our expertise to provide high-quality components that stand up to whatever is thrown at them, part after part, order after order.

We are also the proud owners of a large collection of foam tchotchkes acquired at the many trade shows we attend. Stop by sometime and we’ll show it to you.

Where We’ve Been

Industrial Molded Rubber Products was founded in 1968 in Edina, MN with a primary focus on rubber covered roller manufacturing. IMR grew and moved throughout the Minneapolis area over the years until settling in Plymouth in 1984.

On November 1 , 2003 IMR was purchased by Northern Prairie Polymers, LLC. At that point, focus began to shift towards becoming a truly premier rubber product  manufacturer. In keeping with that goal, IMR moved to a new, purpose-built facility in Big Lake, MN on January 26th, 2006.

We haven’t looked back.

Where We’re Going

Since moving in 2006, IMR has fully revamped it’s capabilities. Integrating a Quality Management System, updating capital equipment, and bolstering our rubber formulation capabilities have been the catalysts for positioning us to better meet customers’ needs. We’ve also added automation to our processes, placing skilled workers in positions where their talents are purposed beyond performing mundane tasks.

Our focus remains on being a leading rubber products provider, accomplished through an unwavering drive to produce rubber components that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our Culture

We’ve been called the “Google® of Manufacturers”.  Seriously. We think that’s a pretty distinct honor.

No, we don’t have sleeping pods. But we do have Jenga tournaments, grill-outs, happy hours, and birthday cake. Most importantly, we work cohesively to produce rubber components that meet the highest of standards.

We believe in a work environment that emanates positivity. We believe that workplace safety is paramount. We believe that quality products start with quality employees that are appreciated not just on a professional level, but personal as well. We believe in our employees. No sleeping pods needed.

Have a current rubber project your ready to get started?