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Completely Custom Injection, Compression, and Transfer Molding

Your application is unique. You need a part that fits and performs flawlessly. You need the right material. You need a partner that can provide these at the right price.

We’ve got good news.

Factoring in annual and lifetime volumes, material cost, and presence of metal or plastic inserts, the rubber molding process implemented is paramount. We utilize injection molding, compression molding, or transfer molding based on the mix of factors your project involves to provide an unmatched level of custom rubber molding solutions.

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Rubber to Metal Bonding

Expertise in chemically bonding rubber to a broad range of substrates:

Steel – Stainless – Machined – Water Jet Cut
Iron – Castings – Stampings – Laser-Cut
Brass – Aluminum – Flat Plates – Wheels

Rubber Component Molding

Rubber to Plastic Bonding

Experience with chemically bonding to a variety of high temperature-resistant plastic substrates

Wide Range of Materials Available

We utilize nearly every commercially available thermoset elastomer. When combined with our custom mixing capabilities, you can be certain that we have the rubber material your molded project needs

Rubber Materials List

In-House Tooling

Better pricing. Shorter lead times. Quality Assurance.
Prototype to Production.
We can also adopt existing tooling and modify where
needed to fit our presses.

No Cost On-Site Mold Storage

We’ll store tooling for 36 months at no cost to
you. That translates to faster lead times and
elimination of unnecessary freight costs.

Your Complete Molded Rubber Component Partner

Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible, from material selection and sampling, to prototyping, to production tooling and manufacturing
Leveraging a broad range of rubber molding methods, custom polymer formulations, and in-house tooling enables us to provide fully scalable rubber
component solutions tailored to each customer’s unique application

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